Thursday, March 08, 2007

A Catalogue of New Nurse Errors

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So, I deleted my last rant, but I'm going to do another one.

In December I graduated with an honours degree from one of the top nursing schools in the country, I am a nurse, I've registered, trained for three years, got up at 5am to travel for 3 hours a day on public transport to placement, written around 100 000 words of assignments, passed every exam and incurred many thousand pounds worth of debt, as well as working as a "spare pair of hands" (and a good one, if every placement report is anything to go by) on a myriad of understaffed wards. Degree students are not paid a bursary. Now I can't get a job, fair enough, there are no jobs out there (not in Leeds anyway, the situation in Manchester is better, but I moved to Leeds, pretty sure God wanted me to come, so that's fine) however, I've been trying since SEPTEMBER to get back into the NHS, to work as a Care Assistant, earn half as much as I should be getting, but at least to be in hospitals looking after people. I went to interviews, filled in forms... obviously I got the job, I'm a nurse wanting to work as a care assistant for goodness sake. They finally gave me a training date (1 days mandatory training in each trust) then after I attended the training sent me a letter saying I hadn't attended (2 weeks later), admitted their mistake and sent me a massive induction pack, and a uniform request form, which I sent off. Today I called because it'd been over a week and I hadn't heard from them (getting used to this now) ..."we don't have any uniforms in stock, we're expecting a new shipment in 6-8 weeks"

So, I have ordered an "ethnic" uniform, which should arrive in a fortnight, and on Tuesday I had a job interview in a pub, because I love Xt3, but they can't afford to pay me an amount I can live on. Think I should get the pub job, they were very positive and said it was only about flexibilty, and I'm so desperate now I'd work any hours. I do feel let down.


Anonymous Ebomania said...

Faith and Hope is all that's required.

Yeah, money comes in hell of a handy when it comes to survival, but, God's at the rudder and will steer things and you towards where he wants you to be, doing what he's wanting you to do.

You'll look back at this and laugh. Believe me.

God knows his stuff.

1:40 PM  
Blogger therese said...

Try agency work - pays well though not ideal as you never quite fit in and always get the rough stuff - but it is a job;hospital banks/pools - again not ideal but can be fun and it is a way in to a permanent job; hospices often have jobs come up;nursing homes - not always fun either but all of these are a start and once you are in a job you can look around for the one you really want and feel you should be doing. There are jobs out there - i am a registered nurse but am now a canonical novice near Birmingham - i was never out of work. Just before i entered i was supporting learning disabled adults to live in the community.
Praying you find your path, Sr Marie-Therese.

10:31 PM  

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