Monday, March 31, 2008

Our Lord looks after His children and consoles us

Just wanted to draw attention to this lovely comment I recently received:

Having just stumbled across your blog, I was hit by its extreme openness concerning the Love we should have for God. I think its absolutely excellent that people still think like you do.
The desire to discern God's will is very much my own stumbling block.
you mentioned it being difficult to love God with all your heart AND love another (i.e, future husband etc...) I used to think the same. However, recently I have come to understand that they are in fact one and the same. One Loves Christ to one's limit in various ways; by serving in a community and upholding the communities rules ...or by serving a husband and children and upholding morals within that framework.
Vocation is a confusing and intricate business...perhaps you feel, like I do, confused and a little alone in the decision making. A quote from the bible comes to mind, if this is so, 'be strong, let your heart take courage, hope in the Lord'.

My stance seems to be, 'Dear Lord, if you give me a husband, give me unwavering love and I shall love You through him, with all my heart. Serving the children you give me, as I would You. If however, you want to keep me for yourself, give me the courage to be Your faithful bride and a bride of the Church...' (then it peters out as I realise just how extraordinary that would be!!)

Well, I know you wrote this blog a few years ago and I hope and pray that you are no longer 'jobless' and have a little more of a clue as to your vocation.

Our Lord looks after His children and consoles us, 'it is when we are weak that we are very strong' .Wow!
In Christ.
I haven't blogged for over a year, gosh. I don't think I'll begin again any time soon. Work is mad at the moment, am working for the most fabulous project with and nursing a little part time, which doesn't leave much time for blogging. So I'll stop there :)

God bless you!


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